Welcome to the mill!

Offers - Summer 2017

Plenty for £20

2 x 6oz rumps, fries, tomato, mushrooms, 2 large house wines

Mussel Bar

Moules, Frites and large glass house wine for only £10.95

Spanish Night - £25

Choose from either: Meat, Seafood or Veggie Paella to share, with either bottle of Rioja or 2 glasses of cava

Fajita Fhursdays

2 for 1 when ordering from our fajita menu (excludes reef and beef)

Fish Bowl & Fizzy Friday

A cocktail to share for £25 (selected cocktails only) or a full bottle of fizz for only £11.95

Drinks Galore

Join us for a fun night

Sunday Lunch

Book early for our superb Sunday Lunches